CDM Search API for Distinct Taxonomic Name

This web service endpoint serves as a search engine for searching a CDM datasource for distinct scientific names which contain the query string within the scientific name.

The request parameters are :

  • 'query' [mandatory] : this could either be part of a scientific name or the complete scientific name. Wild-card searches are possible by including a * within the query string.
  • 'matchMode' [optional, default value = BEGINNING] : Case sensitive. This parameter can have the values,
    • BEGINNING : MatchMode should be set to BEGINNING if the query contains a * at the beginning (e.g. *ichorieae).
    • END : MatchMode should be set to END if the query contains a * at the end (e.g. Cichori*).
    • ANYWHERE : MatchMode should be set to ANYWHERE if the query contains a * within it (e.g.Hy*ridineae).
    • EXACT : MatchMode should be set to EXACT to query for an exact name match.
  • 'pageSize' [optional, default value = 20] : the number of results within each page in the response. The default is set to 20.
  • 'pageNumber' [optional, default value = 1] : the number of the page to be returned, the first page has the pageNumber = 1.

The response format can be set by appending the format extension to the service endpoint. Currently this web service supports JSON and XML.

The response objects returned by this web service endpoint have the following structure:

  • class : "DefaultPagerImpl" is always returned for a name search.
  • count : the total number of records returned.
  • currentIndex : the current index of the response. Index 0 corresponds to the first page.
  • firstRecord : an integer indicating the number of the first record on the current page.
  • indexes : a sliding window showing a list of integers showing the previous and next indexes of the avaiable pages.
  • lastRecord : an integer indicating the number of the last record on the current page.
  • nextIndex : the index corresponding to the next page.
  • pageSize : page size provided as input.
  • pagesAvailable : the total number of pages available.
  • prevIndex : the index corresponding to the previous page.
  • records : a list of the scientific names returned in this page.
  • suggestion


  • When the number of records returned are greater than the page size multiple calls to the web service must be made to return the subequent pages.

Example Requests :

Example Responses :

  • Exact scientific name search : query=Cichorium_endivia [back]
        "class": "DefaultPagerImpl",
        "count": 1,
        "currentIndex": 0,
        "firstRecord": 1,
        "indices": [
        "lastRecord": 1,
        "nextIndex": 0,
        "pageSize": 20,
        "pagesAvailable": 1,
        "prevIndex": 0,
        "records": [
            "Cichorium endivia"
        "suggestion": ""
  • Wild-card scientific name search (with page size specified): query=Cichori*&pageSize=25&matchMode=BEGINNING [back]
        "class": "DefaultPagerImpl",
        "count": 83,
        "currentIndex": 0,
        "firstRecord": 1,
        "indices": [
        "lastRecord": 25,
        "nextIndex": 1,
        "pageSize": 25,
        "pagesAvailable": 4,
        "prevIndex": 0,
        "records": [
            "Cichoriaceae Juss.",
            "Cichorieae Lam. & DC.",
            "Cichoriinae Dumort.",
            "Cichorioideae (Juss.) Chevall.",
            "Cichorium alatum Hochst. & Steud.",
            "Cichorium ambiguum Schult.",
            "Cichorium aposeris E. H. L. Krause",
            "Cichorium arnoseris E. H. L. Krause",
            "Cichorium balearicum Porta",
            "Cichorium barbatum (L.) E. H. L. Krause",
            "Cichorium bottae Deflers",
            "Cichorium byzantinum Clementi",
            "Cichorium caeruleum Gilib.",
            "Cichorium callosum Pomel",
            "Cichorium calvum Asch.",
            "Cichorium calvum Sch. Bip.",
            "Cichorium casnia Wall.",
            "Cichorium cicorea Dumort.",
            "Cichorium commune Pall.",
            "Cichorium crispum Mill.",
            "Cichorium dichotomum Link",
            "Cichorium divaricatum Schousb.",
            "Cichorium dubium E. H. L. Krause",
            "Cichorium endivia",
            "Cichorium endivia L."
        "suggestion": ""