EDIT Common Data Model Library

Reference Documentation (Work in Progress)

Ben Clark

Andreas Müller


The contents of this file are subject to the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1. See LICENSE.TXT at the top of this package for the full license terms.

Table of Contents

I. Getting Started
II. Common Data Model
1. Base Classes
Versionable Entities
Data model implementation and patterns used across the CDM
2. Annotations and Markers
3. Identifiable Entities
titleCache and cacheStrategyGenerator
Recording Provenance using originalSource
Indicating ownership and use using rights property
III. Persistence Layer
4. Basic Persistence
Object Initialization
Listing objects and sorting lists
5. Versioning
6. Free Text Search
IV. API Methods
7. Services
Paging Resultsets
8. Globally Unique Identifier Resolution
9. Security and Identity within the CDM Library
V. CDM Input / Output Layer
VI. CDM Server

List of Figures

1. An overview of the main CDM Components
2. A UML Package diagram showing the CDM packages and their members.
4.1. An overview of the cdm persistence layer
7.1. An overview of the cdm service layer

List of Tables

4.1. ICdmEntityDao methods
5.1. IVersionableDao methods
7.1. IService methods
7.2. IVersionableService methods