Connecting the Taxonomic Editor to a Community Store

1. Installing the Taxonomic Editor

If you have not already installed the Taxonomic Editor on your system, please follow the Taxonomic Editor Installation Instructions.

2. Configuration

The Taxonomic Editor can be configured to connect to distinct datasources. To configure your Taxonomic Editor open it and follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Datasource View through Menu → Window → Show View → Datasource 
  2. If you have not configured your editor for different databases before, the Datasource View should contain an entry for your local default datasource labelled "cdm".
  3. Right clicking the Datasource View and choose New from the menu 
  4. Type in "xxx" as name for the new datasource, choose MySQL as database type and click the Next button
  5. Enter the credentials for your database
  6. By clicking the Test Connection button, the Taxonomic Editor tries to establish a connection to the database. If this is not successful, please check is connected to the network and has access to the server the database resides on
  7. Clicking Finish will close the dialog and return you to the Datasource View which now should contain an entry for your newly created datasource
  8. Double clicking or Right click → Connect will connect the Taxonomic Editor with the chosen datasource

3. Importing Test Data (Optional)

To import the test data that comes with your bundle into the Community Store you are currently connected to please follow these steps.


  1. Open the Import Dialog by either choosing Import... from the File Menu or by right clicking in the Taxonomic Tree and choosing Import...[link]screenshot[/link]
  2. Expand the CDM category, choose [testDataImportFormat] and click Next [link]screenshot[/link]